Spotting Tips

Providing immediate attention to a spill, animal waste, or stain is the single most important technique one should apply in effectively removing an unwanted mess. As a first step, remove as much liquid residue as possible by blotting with a white absorbent cloth, tissue or paper towel. DO NOT RUB HARD OR USE A BRUSHING ACTION, as this may fray carpet fibers and/or distort the appearance of the area in which you’re working. Hold absorbent material against spot for a period long enough in which the stain can transfer (note: this may take several minutes). Vacuum away powder and other dry spills. If necessary, with a spatula, gently scrape away solid residue.

After removing as much residue as possible, spotting can be continued with one or more of the following solutions: *PLEASE NOTE* (all spotting techniques listed are general suggestions and may not be appropriate or effective on every material. Please call for advice or test in a inconspicuous area if there is any question regarding your specific application)

  1. Plain Water
  2. A solution of one teaspoon neutral detergent (such as liquid dish soap) to one cup water.
  3. One tablespoon of regular household ammonia to one cup water. *Carefully test an inconspicuous area to be sure there is no color loss.
  4. One tablespoon of WHITE vinegar to one cup of water. Apply a small amount of the desired cleaning solution and gently agitate the soiled area while blotting with absorbent cloth. Continue agitating and blotting, applying small amounts of cleaning solution, as needed and only if you notice you are making progress in removing the spot. If you are not able to completely remove the unwanted spot with the first suggested cleaning solution, continue with the second and successive suggested cleaning solutions.

Remember again, never to rub the soiled area as this can spread the spot and distort the carpet fiber. Take note not to overuse any cleaning solution as you can easily wet the carpet backing.

Note that many spots and stains may take extra time to be removed, therefore patience in removing a spot is encouraged. Other spots and stains such as Kool Aid, wine, punch, and soda may be permanent. See our advanced techniques for additional advice.

Be sure to follow the safety precautions printed on all solutions especially dry cleaning fluids.

If a dry cleaning fluid was the only cleaning solution used to treat the spot, allow carpet to dry naturally – don’t add water to rinse.

If a detergent or ammonia were used, rinse the spot with plain water. Once rinsed, cover the area with one half inch (1/2″) of white cotton or plain paper towel and weigh down overnight to absorb the cleaning solution and any residue which may still be in the carpet. Generally, after drying, most of the spot should have come out (perhaps you’ll see a shadow of spot). After the carpet has dried, repeat the process if necessary. After repeating solution treatment and drying process, if spot (or shadow) remains, it is advisable to use a dry cleaning fluid (if you have not done so up until this point).

If you have a cleaning professional or toll free “800″ number with your warranteed carpet, and spot still remains, now might be the time to call for professional spotting, extraction and cleaning. If you are in the Denver metro area, Call Doc’s of Denver Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning at 303-771-4632.

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